ATMEGA8 Deneme Geliştirme Kartı

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ATMEGA8 Deneme Geliştirme Kartı

In the folowing page I will present you an open source development board for ATMEGA8 builded especialy for Linux users. This development board is perfect for all the newbies that want to learn about AVR Microcontrollers or want to build some nice projects with it.

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ATMEGA8 DevBRD contains:

*ISP programer
*RS232 comunication (serial port)
*ON/OFF circuit
*All pins are marked
*PC power jack

Design: When we builded this development board we had in mind that it will have to control also some powerfull motors. That’s why ther’s no power source on the board. As a power source I’m using an old PC power suply.


Testing: First you need to prepare your Linux system. For doing that make sure you have the folowing packages instaled:

*uisp -for writing the program to the microcontroler
*gcc-avr -for compiling programs
*avr-libc -AVR C library for gcc-avr

Also make sure that you have all the kernel modules loaded and that your user have write acces to the parallel port.

Open a terminal window and give the folowing commands:

sudo modprobe parport-pc
sudo modprobe parport
sudo modprobe ppdev
sudo chmod 666 /dev/parport0

Test that evrything is working with folowing command:

uisp -dlpt=/dev/parport0 -dprog=dapa ‘If ATMEGA8 is found you are OK

Use the onboard 4MHz crystal by programing ATMEGA8 fuses:

uisp -dlpt=/dev/parport0 -dprog=dapa –wr_fuse_l=0xee ‘3-8MHz

To use internal 1MHz RC oscilator:

uisp -dlpt=/dev/parport0 -dprog=dapa –wr_fuse_l=0xe1

Programming: After you compiled your program you need to load it into the microcontroller:

uisp -dlpt=/dev/parport0 –erase -dprog=dapa ‘Erase old program
uisp -dlpt=/dev/parport0 –upload if=name.hex -dprog=dapa -v=3 –hash=32 –verify
‘Load new program “name.hex”




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