PIC16F628 Devreleri

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PIC16F628 Devreleri

Arşivde Pic16f628 ile gerçekleştirilmiş uygulamalar devreler bulunuyor yazılımlar farklı kimisi assembly kimisi picbasic kimside jal ile hazırlanmış umarım bu devreler feyz verir 🙂 daha iyilerini yaparsınız 😉

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Jal ile Programlı LCD Göstergeli 0-999999 Sayıcı


Bu devre LCD ekranlı 0-999999 tur sayma işlemlerinde kullanılmak üzere tasarlanmıştır. İleri doğru sayma işlemini gerçekleştirir. Sayım aralığı yeterince geniştir. 0’dan başlayarak 999999’a kadar yani 1 milyona kadar sayıma ihtiyaç duyulan yerlerde kullanılabilir. Devrenin JAL ile yapılan programında gerekli düzenlemeler yapılarak bu aralık daha da arttırılabileceği gibi azaltılabilir de. Devre donanımsal olarak PIC16F628 kullanılarak tasarlandığından dahili kristal kullanılmış ve malzeme sayısı olabilecek en az seviyede tutulmuştur.

PIC16F628 ile Karaşimşek Devresi


PIC16F628 kullanarak daha az elemanla bir karaşimşek devresi gerçekleştirilebilir. Bu tür devrelere, kayan led devresi de denmektedir. Biz bu devrede 16F628’in dahili osilatörünü kullanıyoruz. Bu sayede kullanılan devre elemanı en aza iniyor. Devrede, Pic16F628’in yanında 8 adet led ve 1 adet 470 ohm direnç kullanılmıştır. 100nF kondansatör voltaj filtresi olarak kullanılmaktadır.

Tachometer LCD Display


The tachometer was originally designed to measure the speed of rotation of electric motors fed continuously or alternative (or mono-phase).The PIC 16F84 measure the rotation period of the engine. It then calculates its speed and then displays it. The advantage of this measurement system is that the display is refreshed every 2 seconds, irrespective of the speed of rotation.

Stopwatch for Hockey Ability to 99mn 59s Down


It is a timer display giant 40 mm.The ability to go down to 99mn 59s to 00mn 00s.The assembly is designed to be operated at a voltage of 8V continues. Average consumption 150 mA

Stopwatch 0 to 99mn 59s


It is a timer display giant 40 mm.The ability to count ranges from 00mn 00s to 99mn 59s.

PIC16F628 Management of a button with the Timer 0 PIC16F628 Real Time Management


This is a course that explains how to manage anti-kickback to a push button with the Timer 0 of PIC 16F628 To understand this, one must have assimilate Management real time It uses a quartz 4096 MHz and the interruption caused by the spillover of Timer An action on the push-button change the status of the LED present on RB2.

PIC16F628 Coutn LCD & Display


Blink a LED


The 16F628 is the cheapest 18-pin flash PICmicro (disregarding the 16F627, which has half the code size but is only marginally cheaper – in fact it is sometimes more expensive)

Cylon Led Effect


The illumination of LEDs creates an effect of trail from left to right and from right to left

Data Logger


This project is based on the 16F628. Although this PIC can run without external Xtal, it was chosen to use one as, it its first version, the Data Logger did not dispose of an RTC. This is why a 4Mhz Xtal is used. If you need more I/O, you could imagine to drop the Xtal, to use internal clock and to reuse the liberated pins for other purposes. The MCLR pin( Pin 4) is not used in MCLR configuration as I needed one more IO for Button 3

Frequency counter


This document describes the construction of small frequency counter with a cheap PIC microcontroller and a few seven-segment LED digits. The main features of the frequency counter are

Multiplexed LED matrix


The idea of this project came from my youngest son. He was dreaming of a small tool able to write symbols or pictures on a screen. As a graphic LCD (even bought at Crownhill 🙂 ) was too expensive (or too easy??), the solution adopted was to pilot a matrix of Leds. This way, with only some cheap transistors, common red Leds, and a 16F628 , the dream could become reality

Servo Tester


The servo testers which can be found in shops are quite expensive and the shematics published here and there do not achieve the requested precision. Most of the time they are based on the famous NE555 timer IC and are limited to one function. As you can use a 16F84 or a 16F628, two versions of the software are available

Stopwatch for scrabble


This timer dedicated to the game of scrabble duplicate permits Select just last Thursday from 3 commonly used in the club To start down the length of this, to warn in a way audio players It is time for them to note their solution and that the Time is up (= end of the “coup”).

Ledbar with 64 LEDs

Some time back I accompanied a friend a ledbar with the intention to build it into chieftec in my chest.The ledbar consists of 2 separate prints with 32 LEDs per print. These LEDs are driven through a controllerprintje it with a pic 16f628 microcontroller. 8 bits PWM kanalen op 75 hz. This microcontroller controls the 64 individual 8-bit PWM channels at 75 hz. That means that each individual led to a certain intensity can be set (256 steps to full resolution).Via the PC serial data can then be sent to the microcontroller


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