Synthesizer VCA Mixer Filtre Efekt Devreleri

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Synthesizer VCA Mixer Filtre Efekt Devreleri

Synthesizer VCA Mixer Filtre Efekt Devreleri – Çok büyük bir arşiv 🙂 çoğu devrenin pcb dosyaları örnek sample sesleri videoları var Synthesizer,Phase Shifter,Stereo mixerler osilatör efekt devreleri katagoriler altında farklı devreler Synthesizer devreleri oldukca iyi Dosyalara ve Detaylar

PCBway Türkiye PCB Manufacturer PCB Assembly

Analog Synthesizer Modules
CV And Gate Expander
Delayed Modulation Module
Envelope Gen. – ADSR
Envelope Gen. – Dual AR
Envelope Gen. – Linear 7 Segs
LFO – Voltage Controlled
Micro Sample and Hold 06-2011
Multi Function Module
Noise Cornucopia Rev-1
Panel Templates
Phase Shifter – 8 Stage
Quad 3 In Audio Mixer
Quad 3 In DC Mod Mixer
Quad Timbre Bank
Ring Modulator (Sonic Multiplier)
Sample and Hold With VC-Clk
Saw To Triangle Converter
Single Buss 1V/Oct. Kbd. Ctrl.
Stereo Auto Panner
Stereo Panning Mixer
The Path to Your MFOS Modular
Home – Getting Stared
MFOS Modular HOW-TO Videos
Synthesizer Cabinet HOW-TO
MFOS Modular PCB Bundles
VC Spring Reverb
VCA Dual Log/Lin
VCF – Low Pass 24db/Oct
VCF – State Variable 12db/Oct
VCF Improving 1V/Oct Tracking
VCO 1V/Octave (Current Design)
Voltage Controlled Echo Module
Voltage Quantizer
Wave Former
Wave Freaker Module
CD Sales
Electronic Components
2N5172 Noise Transistor
2N5457 N-Channel JFET
Bipolar Cap 10uF 50V
Bipolar Cap 1uF 50V
LF444CN Quad JFET Op Amp
MPF102 N-Channel JFET
Matched 2N3904s And Tempco
Metal Film +3300 Tempco
PN4391 N-Channel JFET
PT2399 Echo Processor Chip
Precision 100K Resistor
Precision 200K Resistor
Guitar Projects
Envelope Follower Filter

Parts List
PCB Info
Case Drawings
Fuzz Tone
Guitar to Gate Convertor
Hot Tips
12V to 5V Gate Reducer
Change Potentiometer Range
DC Level Shifter
Gate Buffer With Comparator Input
Guitar Amp Signal Tracer
How To Make Synth Panels
Interfacing With MFOS
Joystick Application
LED Driver Ideas
Multi-Output Power Supply
Octave Switching
Parallel Resistance Calculator
Potentiometer Voltage Divider
Simple Audio Mixer
Simple Stereo Mixer
Super Simple Oscillator
Web SFZ Helper
LO-FI Noise Boxes
Alien Screamer
Echo Rockit
Mini-Mixer 1W Amp
Synth-DIY Experimenter Board

AR Gen.
White Noise
Full PC Board
Parts Lists
Weird Sound Generator
Case Wiring
Part List
PC Board
MFOS Apparel
MFOS Pocket Protector
MFOS Tee Shirt
MFOS In The Classroom
Analog Synth 101
Capacitors 101
Electronic Components 101
Parallel Resistance Calculator
Reading Resistor Values
Switches 101
Virtual Op Amp Lab
MFOS Oldies But Goodies
Panning Mixer
Stereo Miixer
Mono Mixer #1
Mono Mixer #2
CV And Gate Buffer
ADSR/w State Indicator LEDs
AR Generator
LFO Variable Skew
LFO Super-Simple
LFO Dual Super-Simple
Noise Cornucopia Rev-0
Noise and Random Gate Source
OLD Micro Sample and Hold
Dual VCA #1
Dual VCA #2
VCF 4 Pole 24db/Oct
VCF State Variable 12db/Oct
Foot Pedal Controller
Sample and Hold
Scanning Matrix Kbd #1
Scanning Matrix Kbd #2
Sequencer 1 x 32 or 2 x 16 Step
Audio Signal to Gate Convertor
DC Mixer
Voltage Distributor #1
Voltage Distributor #2
Mechanical Components
Board Mounting Kit
Universal Mounting Brackets
Power Supplies
Adj. LM317/LM337 Supply
Two 9V Batteries
Wall Wart Bipolar Supply
10 Step Analog Sequencer
16 Step Analog Sequencer
16 Step Aux GATE/LED Driver
16 Step Quantized Vari-Clock
Single-Board Analog Synths
Sound Lab Mini-Synth MARK II

Panel Drawings
Sound Lab Mini-Synth
Sound Lab Mini-Synth
Panel Wiring
Part List
PC Board
Sound Lab Mini-Synth Extras
Optional Improvements
Sample and Hold (Single Chip)
Guitar Trigger
Drum Trigger
Optional Modifications
Sound Lab Mini-Synth PLUS
Panel Wiring
Parts List
PCB Info
Micro Sample and Hold
Synth-DIY 101
Analog Synth 101
CMOS Mickey Mouse Logic
Capacitors 101
Electronic Components 101
Electronic Parts Suppliers
Getting Started in Electronics
Making Money With MFOS
Ordering from MFOS
Reading Resistor Values
Suggested Reading
Switches 101
Synth DIY Sites (Links)
The Path to Your MFOS Modular
Home – Getting Stared
MFOS Modular HOW-TO Videos
Synthesizer Cabinet HOW-TO
MFOS Modular PCB Bundles
Transistor Matching 101
Trouble Shooting 101
Virtual Op Amp Lab
The Cave (Very Old Designs)
ADSR Old Design I
ADSR Old Design II
About The Cave…
Dual Supply Old Design I
Eight Channel Seq Old Design I
KBD Controller Old Design I
MIDI to CV Old Design I
Modulation Wheel Idea
Pink Noise Old Design I
Ring Mod Old Design I
Samp n Hold w/Noise Old Design
VCO Old Design I
VCO Old Design II
VCO Old Design III
VCO Old Design IV
VCO Old Design V
VCO Old Design VI
WP20 Noise Box Old Design
Your First Synth (Obsolete)
Tools and Calibrators
Battery Powered Function Gen
Swiss OpAmp Knife
Volts Per Octave Calibrator
MFOS 12 Channel Vocoder

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