LPC2132 Pc Based Ethernet Data Acquisition Control

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LPC2132 Pc Based Ethernet Data Acquisition Control

Designed for industrial applications, this LPC2132 microcontroller-based cast is a dependable aggregation acquisition grouping. The grouping features eight digital inputs, quadruplet parallel inputs, two parallel outputs, and a two-channel signal sideboard. Additionally, it includes two channels for passage product, which can be old to manipulate remaining devices. Assemblage is transmitted to the bread PC via Ethernet. Author: Lei Jiang

uC/OS-II The Real-Time Kernel TASK MANAGEMENT (c) Copyright 1992-2002, Jean J. Labrosse, Weston, FL


This data acquisition and control system can provide features as followings.
On main board:

10Mbps Ethernet connection capability, with RJ45 UTP interface
8-channel discrete switching signal input
2-channel relay output, with current load of 5A(max) at 250V
2-channel counter input, with input frequency up to 100kHz.
I2C interface for communicating with other board in the backplane
On-board temperature sensor monitoring working environment
On-board isolation power supply improves EMC

All input/output channels are isolated with microcontroller, which provides higher reliability for industrial field application. Color LED indicates running status. Button-free operation, running parameters can be setup at the server. ISP capability with add-on adaptor installed, which enables in-system-programming. You can upgrade the firmware easily.

With add-on adaptor:

4-channel analog signal input, 4~20mA current loop inputs or 0~10V voltage inputs, free combination (but total channel will be no more than 4).

2-channel analog signal output, 0~10V voltage with maximum output current of 20mA each.

2-way RS232 port in one RJ45 jacket, another configuration is 1-way RS232 and 1-way RS485 port.

ISP control circuit

Isolated SPI interface, which will isolate analog signal channels with controller.


This data acquisition and control system includes terminals and a server. Terminals are always waiting for the order to begin a data acquisition progress. The control software running on server will send control command at pre-configured time intervals. After receiving the control command, the certain terminal will response, and send data back to server for displaying or statistics. Each terminal will have his own IP address or MAC address. Data packages will be ignored if the address does not match.

Dosya indirme LINK listesi (TXT formatında) link-10428.zip şifre-pass: 320volt.com

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