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Arduino is a very high module for sale Arduino Types, There are many Arduino applications as well as models. Particularly software-oriented is the great advantage of installing electronic hardware with additional Arduino modules.

Arduino Uno With Interesting Clock Project

| 2014/03/02

I’ve shared this with different time interesting projects carried out with the Arduino Uno this time, I think the most interesting thing isn’t debatable kullanışlımı project but the idea as a different kind of work. Arduino Uno, servo motors and 3d printer project created with the prepared with mechanical parts. Fun little looks cute:) but…

ENC28j60 Ethernet Module For Arduino Kit

| 2014/02/25

Arduino Kits can be merged with the Arduino Ethernet module is based on the materials used in the design of the PCB DIP ENC28j60 SMD No 3 .3V regulator is used for the material, I don’t think that’s in the market rather than LD1086 LM1117-3.3 is available. ENC28j60 Ethernet module for plenty of examples of…

Guitar Tuning Project with Arduino Uno

| 2014/02/22

Arduino Uno kit on the Board at the entrance of the TL082 opamp used Guitar Tuning circuit audio audio input and frequency to detect the “Arduino-Frequency-Detection” software used. According to the LEDs light at certain frequencies sesisnin the guitar. E – 82.4 Hz A – 110Hz D – 146.8 Hz G – 196Hz B –…

Arduino Uno Robotic Arm Project

| 2013/11/21

The Robot arm is controlled with the computer 6 servo motor used robotic arm system, built on the Arduino Uno is not more complex, additional links to make the robot arm mechanics portion of the challenge, but the writer is necessary for mechanical drawings (Google Sketchup Roboter Arm18. the SBP, Roboter Arm18 .SKP files) the…

Arduino Nano Android Robot Project Qik2s9v1 Xbee Bluetooth

| 2013/11/09

Android robot project built on the Arduino Nano sumo the Sumo robot motor control Qik2s9v1 dual serial motor controller module, Xbee for communication via your Android phone with Bluetooth module is being used. The body of a robot made of 3-dimensional printer writer. Android robot application codes and Arduino Nano robot codes given source: madebyfrutos.wordpress.com/2013/01/12/bobobot…