dsPIC30F4012 controls spectro meter 10 bit adc ir fft

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dsPIC30F4012 controls spectro meter 10 bit adc ir fft

Detailed Description – FFT Double Beam Infra-Red Spectrophotometer This original FFT double-beam IR spectrophotometer measures IR irradiation to identify varied chemical molecules. A dsPIC30F4012 controls the spectrometer with FFT algorithms.

The 10-bit ADC on the DSPIC30F4012 has the cognition to use VDD and VSS as references so you don’t requirement a secernate voltage write.


This program is designed to control a dual beam IR spectrometer. Inputs IR Signal (+-0.50 on 2.5VDC level) to 10 bit A/D Converter Quad Encoder (5VDC phase A and phase B) to QEA and QEB Temperature from MCP9700 (100mV to 1.75VDC ** -40C to 125C) Outputs Serial USB to PC (scan position, transmittance, temperature) PWM output filtered to 0 to 5VDC which is used to represent transmittance value LED 1 flashes at constant rate to verify process is running at correct speed (helps troubleshoot serial connection)

Dosya indirme LINK listesi (TXT formatında) link-10466.zip şifre-pass: 320volt.com

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