ATmega32 ile 10A 2 Kanal LCD Göstergeli Amper Metre

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ATmega32 ile 10A 2 Kanal LCD Göstergeli Amper Metre

10 amper amper metre devresi ATmega32 üzerine kurulu gösterge için büyük lcd kullanılmış 128×64 SED1330 2 kanal 10 amper ölçüm yapabiliyor otomatik olarak AC DC Algılayabiliyor

This project is a 2 channels amp meter. Those channels are completely isolated up to 2000 volts. I’m sure you don’t need isolation like this but it could be very interesting to measure the charge current for 110V AC input or on the output of something like 12V DC. That is, it provides auto detection for AC or DC current. The main part of this project is the current sensor ZMC10 a cool DIP 14, which supports up to 10 A. The current is measured inside by hall effect sensor. I had used a graphic LCD to show very big numbers of the read current and max peek value, DC or AC

2 Channel
From 0 to 10amp
Resolution of 0.1amp
Isolation between each channel of 2000 volt
Automatic AD/DC detection
Very big LCD and character




current sense-analog-circuit


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