68HC908QY4 Touch Screen User Interface

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68HC908QY4 Touch Screen User Interface

Implement a simple user interface design using the Motorola Nitron microcontroller as the interface controller. Design the user interface with cost, reliability, adaptability and manufacturability in mind. The user interface design must be unique and provide a new novel concept in user interface design. Utilize the capabilities of the new Motorola E-field sensor. 68HC908QY4

An intelligent, low cost E-field touch-screen design based upon the Motorola Nitron QY4 microcontroller.

The Smart-E-Touch is an intelligent, touch-screen based user interface design. This unique design uses the Nitron microcontroller to control and monitor a pair of Motorola E-field sensors. The E-field sensors in turn monitor an XY grid on the PCB for the actual capacitive sensing of the touch-screen. Once the Nitron has translated a “touch” from the E-field sensor data, the Nitron then outputs an XY coordinate to its RS232 serial port. MC68HC908QY4


A main system controller, PC or equivalent, then receives this XY coordinate and can act upon it. The unique thing about this touch-screen is that it’s built right into the actual circuit board where the controller circuitry is. So rather than integrating a separate touch-screen assembly into a design, the touch-screen can now be part of the system controller board. This makes for a more cost effective, reliable and adaptable user interface design. There are no touch-screen designs on the market today similar to the Smart-E-Touch, this truly makes the Nitron controlled, Smart-E-Touch a very unique design.

The Smart-E-Touch is a natural replacement for resistive touch-screens and custom-made user interfaces. When a user interface is needed to operate a machine, the options are to A. Integrate a touch-panel, B. Put in discrete switches or C. To have a custom keypad overlay made. Author: Bruce Pride


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