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MC68HC908QT4 Servo Digitizer Remote Control ASCII Data Sends

The Servo Digitizer is developed to channel control input from a model airplane radio remote control, the Futaba Skysport 4, to a flight simulator program running in a PC. It translates a pulse-width modulated signal output from the remote control into ASCII data and

68HC908QY4 Touch Screen User Interface

Implement a simple user interface design using the Motorola Nitron microcontroller as the interface controller. Design the user interface with cost, reliability, adaptability and manufacturability in mind. The user interface design must be unique and provide a new novel concept in user interface design.

MC68HC908QY4 NTSC Test Pattern Generator

The Motorola 68HC908QY4 is used to produce an NTSC video signal which can be used in several applications. One is an NTSC Test Pattern Generator which produces simple test patterns in order to evaluate a TV’s geometric distortion, high voltage regulation, and interlace quality.

Motorola MC68HC908QY4 MCU Remote Observation Station

Ever wonder what the birds, deer, or bear were doing in your back “40” when you weren’t around? Just set up the Remote Observation Station, and you can watch the wildlife on your TV in the comfort of your living room! The station includes

MC68HC908QT4 Wireless Acoustic Wave Soil Moisture Detection

The advantage of using acoustic waves to measure the moisture content of soil is that acoustic waves measure the moisture content in a volume of soil that radiates outward from the acoustic source to the detector rather than measure the moisture content at only