Etiket: mc68hc908qy4

68HC908QY4 Touch Screen User Interface

| 2012/07/09

Implement a simple user interface design using the Motorola Nitron microcontroller as the interface controller. Design the user interface with cost, reliability, adaptability and manufacturability in mind. The user interface design must be unique and provide a new novel concept in user interface design. Utilize the capabilities of the new Motorola E-field sensor. 68HC908QY4 An…

MC68HC908QY4 NTSC Test Pattern Generator

| 2012/07/08

The Motorola 68HC908QY4 is used to produce an NTSC video signal which can be used in several applications. One is an NTSC Test Pattern Generator which produces simple test patterns in order to evaluate a TV’s geometric distortion, high voltage regulation, and interlace quality. Another is a VCR Pacifier to allow a VCR to record…

MC68HC908QT4 Wireless Acoustic Wave Soil Moisture Detection

| 2012/05/09

The advantage of using acoustic waves to measure the moisture content of soil is that acoustic waves measure the moisture content in a volume of soil that radiates outward from the acoustic source to the detector rather than measure the moisture content at only one point. Each detector is solar-powered and uses wireless transceivers to…