Transformer Calculation EI Seri için Hesaplama

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Transformer Calculation EI Seri için Hesaplama

Transformer Calculation programı EI Serisi trafolar için detaylı hesaplama yapabiliyor. Programın detaylı yardım açıklamasıda (ingilizce) var.

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Power of transformer is calculating from square of it’s EI core. Dimensions for height and width are taken from core intersection, on left image is with white square marked section which is used for measurement. There is shown only “W” and “U” profile of EI core.

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Transformer IE core square dimension:

* Height and Width of core intersection.
* Maximum power of core.

Primary coil – parametars:

* Input voltge of transformer.
* Button for adding wanted voltage to list.
* List of selected input voltage.
* List of calculated input amperage.
* Delete and Clear buttons.
* Current calculated power.

Secondary coil – parametars:
* Output voltge of transformer.
* Output amperage of transformer.
* Add/Change button for adding/changing wanted voltage and amperage to/in lists.
* List of wanted output voltage.
* List of wanted output amperage.
* Delete and Clear buttons.
* Check box option in list.

Coils, wire thickness, buttons:

* Input and output number of coils.
* Input and output wire thickness.
* Calculate button.
* Options button.
* Exit button.



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