TDA7294 400W araba anfisi Smps ATmega8 dijital göstergeli

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TDA7294 400W araba anfisi Smps ATmega8 dijital göstergeli

400w Araba anfi projesinde 4 adet tda7294 kullanılmış kanal başına 100w veriyor toplamda 400w anfi devresinin beslemesi tl494 pwm kontrol entegresi ile yapılan smps bölümünden alınıyor. Devreye ek olarak watt, voltaj, sıcaklık bilgilerini gösteren atmega8 ile yapılan dijital gösterge var.

TDA7294 amfi ve SMPS devresi tek pcb üzerinde atmega8 ve led displayler ayrı bir pcb üzerinde bulunuyor kaynak kod ve tüm pcb çizimleri var.



The converter based on the KA7500 controller (TL494), operating frequency is 30KHz (1.5nF + 10K). This system controls IRFP064N keys with permissible continuous current up to 110A, unfortunately these keys have a large gate capacity and it is necessary to use duplicates. In the role of such duplicators there are two pairs of BD140 and BD139 bipolar transistors – as it turned out, they are fast and efficient enough to meet the task.

Rectifier diodes are fast FES16 diodes, followed by a capacitor bank. The initial assumption was that I would use two transformers from ATX power supplies (hence, such a cutout on the PCB), but after several attempts and a dozen or so power supplies, I came to the conclusion that nothing good will come of this. What a power supply is another fairy tale, each transformer was an even more strange invention than the previous one and I could not find and use two identical ones – and so I would have to scroll these transformers. So the choice fell on the toroidal core TX42 (TX42 / 13/26) – the cost is only PLN 11. Trafo rewijane wire with a diameter of 0.7mm. Primary winding: 4 turns, 20 wires, bifilar. Secondary winding: 11 coils, 6 wires, bifilarnie.

This configuration allows to achieve an idle voltage of + -40V at the output, with input voltage of 14.5V. I resigned from stabilizing the output voltage, + -40V is still a safe voltage for the working TDA7294, and as more power is absorbed, the inverter voltage will sit down, thereby reducing the current of the power amplifier which will prevent damage to it. Exceeding the input voltage above about 15V will cause the overvoltage protection to trip and the inverter to be switched off. In general, the occurrence of such a voltage is a sign of a failure in the car’s charging system. The lower threshold of protection operation is 9V, it protects against too much discharge of the battery.







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  1. Soheil

    Hello dear friend. The guy you designed is very interesting. I’m going to create it, but I encountered a problem. None of the maps mentioned where the display circuit board should be connected. Can I guide you? I sincerely thank you

    1. gevv Yazar

      Hello, source link update + all files were given as an alternative links


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