TDA7250 Hi-Fi Sürücü ile 100W Güç Amplifikatörü

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TDA7250 Hi-Fi Sürücü ile 100W Güç Amplifikatörü

The main element of the final degree of power is specialized integrated circuit TDA7250 company SGS Thomson. This is a complete two-channel driver transistor allow construction of stereo power amplifier power. Using the data system manufacturer catalog have been selected to work with him two pairs of complementary type TIP142 effect transistors, TIP147. They ensure a power 70W per channel for 8? load with the supply voltage + /-35V. Submitted the unit is powered by a voltage of + /-37V, allows you to achieve 110W at load 4ohm. The layout driver is equipped with a security the functions of PLAY, STAND-BY and mute circuits and automatic standby current transistors.

The lack of a built-in thermal protection makes it necessary to build such a system, it has been presented and described later in this description. The way the channel is the first OUT OUT + and CH1-CH1 they control the degree of complementary Darlightona made up of transistors Q1, Q2. Resistors R16, R6 connected to these transistors provide layouts TDA7250 entry through monitoring 17, 4, the information about momentary values of current collectors resulting in transistors.



The TDA7250 stereo audio driver is designed to drive two pair of complementary output transistor in the Hi-Fi power amplifiers.

Wide supply voltage range : 20 to 90 v (± 10 to ± 45 v)
Very low distortion automatic quiescent current
Control for the power transistors
Without temperature sense
Elements overload current protection for
The power transistors .mute/stand-by functions
Low power consumption output power 60 w/8ohm and 100 w/4ohm

TDA7250 power amplifier Dosya indirme LINK listesi (TXT formatında) şifre-pass:

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