TDA1514A TLC272 20 Hz-25 kHz RMS 32W Bass Anfi

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TDA1514A TLC272 20 Hz-25 kHz RMS 32W Bass Anfi

20Hz 25kHz subwoofer anfi kabininde TDA1514A amplifikatör entegresi kullanılmış bass filtre katında TLC272 opamp kullanılmış besleme voltajı simetrik +-27v en olrak opampı beslemek için zener diyotlu r12v regüle yapılmış.

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TDA1514A TLC272 20Hz 25kHz RMS 32Watt TDA1514A Aktivbox – This NF-performance amplifier module is equipped with a 230-V power supply equipment and provides 32 W / sinus an 8-ohm speakers. The module is designed for the rear Installation in loudspeakers designed so that a simple way Aktivbox powerful.

For active speakers (with built- AF power amplifier ) there are many uses . Thus, a Active speaker in the musicians’ area as a monitor serve , or audio devices with low Output receive a corresponding Power amplifier . With the here featured amplifier module and a existing 8- Ω speaker system with at least 32 W sine – continuous load may now in a simple way powerful active speaker with very good created technical data in DIY Among the most important technical data a part of the 3-dB bandwidth of 20 Hz to

25 kHz and low distortion, which in Sheet with max. – 80 dB, typical – 90 dB indicated at full load. The sine continuous output power is the data sheet with 32 W into 8 Ω specified, while a Music power of 42 W is available stands. The block diagram in showing the internal structure of the TDA 1514 A in SIL9P housing.




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