Etiket: dspic30f2012

dsPIC30F2012 pulse oximeter 2X8 character display

| 2010/05/24

Signal to H-Bridge used to control IR Source On/OFF {1/0} Connects to T1IN of MAX232 device. Provides RS232 data output for system. SPI Serial Data Output pin that connects to the Microchip MCP4822 DAC device SPI Clock Output to Microchip MCP4822 SPI DAC device SPI-DAC A Microchip MCP4822, Digital to Similarity Converter with SPI port…

dsPIC30F2012 electronic stethoscope amplifies

| 2010/05/23

Programmable Gain Amplifier – MCP6S26; Microchip’s PGA, MCP6S26, is misused to dynamically suppress microphone realise and to multiple temperature device signaling to ADC manoeuvre of the set. This PGA is configured to jazz acquire 1 at DC and s/w manageable advance for AC signaling. This mixed get mode is achieved by bypassing VREF pin to…