STM8 BIN BCD Çevirimi Delay ve 1Wire Kütüphanesi

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STM8 BIN BCD  Çevirimi Delay ve 1Wire  Kütüphanesi

STM8 delay implementation of delay_us and delay_ms in Cosmic-C inline assembly. All delay done using inline macro _delay. Register X used as cycle counter.

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Number of cycles per microsecond calculated by US and MS macros (decrement/branch lasts 3 CPU ticks). Millisecond delays made by delay_ms function. STM8 1wire library Library intended for communication with 1-wire devices.

delay routines. To use it define (or edit ds1w.h) in/out port and bit macros DS1W_IN_PORT, DS1W_OUT_PORT, DS1W_BIT. STM8 bin to BCD conversions Useful for number indication.

There are 8bit, 16bit, and 32bit conversions (Cosmic inline-asm). 8bit and 16bit conversions use hardware division, 32bit conversion done by shifts and BCD correction.

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