Mikrodenetleyici Tabanlı (PIC16F690) Pil Monitörü BQ2018

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Mikrodenetleyici Tabanlı (PIC16F690) Pil Monitörü BQ2018

Pil monitörü PIC16F690 mikrodenetleyici üzerine kurulu devrenin akım sensör katında BQ2018 enteresi kullanılıyor sönt direnç üzerinden alınan değere göre lcd ekran üzerinde pil voltajı, kullanım yüzdesi (+ akü, pil Ah değeri), çekilen akım bilgileri görüntüleniyor. Akım ölçüm aralığı. 1mA … 100 Amper arası kapasitesi en yüksek 999Ah

A PIC based battery monitor

This page describes a battery monitoring projects. When you sail so have time to think and a thought that popped up was: “Is the charge in our battery?”. s / y Moulin Rouge has a 110Ah lead acid battery which only charged via a solar panel 25W NAPS. The largest consumer is kylboxens compressor. Both the charge-discharge rate is not constant over time. Measured with a battery monitor takes the box below about 8.5 Ah / day.

Monitoring the charge of a lead acid battery is not an exact science. Most accurate results you get if you check the electrolyte specific gravity with a hydrometer, but it is rather cumbersome. In order to know which direction it is tilted so one can expect the current into the battery, and over time. Ideally, you lie on the plus and have a margin. One can also measure the battery resting tension corresponding to the charge rate at 20C.

If you build yourself so you can get it just like you want it. The objectives of my project were:

Wide measuring range. 1mA .. 10A, 100A or 10mA ..
Maximum 999Ah capacity
Must withstand transient loads
Reasonably low own consumption (compared to battery self discharge)
Dissolution greater than 1/1000
Linearity 0.1%
NMEA output for monitoring




Kaynak: dalton.ax/battmeter/

alternatif Dosya indirme LINK listesi (TXT formatında) link-19511.zip şifre-pass: 320volt.com

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