LM2575T-ADJ ile Anahtarlamalı Regülatör

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LM2575T-ADJ ile Anahtarlamalı Regülatör

Now bring the involvement of voltage stabilizer with much greater efficiency, which will not significantly alter the value of the input voltage. step down converter. It is a source of switching, the so-called step down converter.

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Many manufacturers have already produced a special integrated circuits, which brings together budic, power transistor and feedback controls output voltage and output current limiting. For example, National Semiconductor LM2574 producing districts, LM2594 and LM2597 for switching resources with output current 0.5 A further LM2575, LM2595 and LM2598 for a maximum output current 1A and likewise for higher currents. For enlightenment dashboard motorcycle through switching diodes will suffice regulator with the limitations of current output to 1A.



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