ATmega8 LCD Göstergeli Solar Panel Kontrol

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ATmega8 LCD Göstergeli Solar Panel Kontrol

Atmel ATmega8 mikro denetleyici ile yapılmış LCD Göstergeli Solar Panel Kontrol devresi gücü 20A-200A arası profosyonel bir devre

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Solar Controller with LCD controller Atmel ATmega8

* multifunctional display measuring and recording device
* with the relay is an additional charge regulator function
* Tage Measurement of current, voltage, power and data logger for 248 days
* Show the value of earnings today, yesterday and last week the complete
* Range -20 … +20 A / Resolution: 2mA
* with an external shunt at 200A can be measured 20mA resolution
* Battery voltage to 100 volts / Resolution 0.1 volts
* dthe net current is below 15 mA
* can directly from the battery supplies or …
* can also be used with external power supply (12-50 volts DC) operated
* for 12 and 24 volt solar systems
* LCD Display large, backlit LCD display 4 lines
* Infos hier my solar is 24 hours online – more details here
* Display and recording of the created, electricity consumed (battery capacity)
* in Watt Ad produced, consumed and existing services and income in Watts
* The data logger EEPROM -hourly data recorded go off when tension never lost
* internal clock controls the storage capabilities of the data logger
* The data of the data logger can be processed via Excel
* selectable power management function controls LCD backlight
* Current and voltage values will be in a serial EEPROM and can be via RS232 to a PC.
* performance of large plants converted KWh -measuring 0-99999 KWh-1 watt resolution
* switchable serial minute edition of the complete display data (demo file)
* programmable 16A free relay with selectable hysteresis
* An I2C bus allows external hardware extensions
* Controller is directly in the circuit over the SPI interface programmed
* Self-discharge of the solar batteries can be programmed (0-255mAh)





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