Kaliteli Preamplifikatör Devreleri

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Kaliteli Preamplifikatör Devreleri

Preamplifier 10 to six channels for SACD and Home Cinema The preamplifier to six lanes that we present is intended to pilot a HI-FI to five or six channels. You will appreciate the quintessence of new SACD or simply to give tone to your Home Cinema”.”He will find its place in your system if your player does not have volume control. This project is the first part of a project comprising a series Monoblock Power 5-way tube that will be presented in our editions.

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preamplifier six channels sacd home cinema

riaa-aop pour cellule mm mc

This achievement is a direct reference to the RIAA preamp appeared in the LED 187 and 188 of January and March 2005. We wanted this achievement for a similar approach while providing substantial savings due to the use of dedicated integrated circuits. The specifications obtained have little to be ashamed of its big brother: the deviation from the standard RIAA does not exceed 0.25 dB and total harmonic distortion is less than 0.1%. The circuit board is scheduled for two configurations: entry for mobile cell magnet and coil cell phone.

preamp pdo riaa 600ohms helmet

The preamplifier allows the selection of 5 sources, including a correction RIAA. It has an exit 1 Veff under 600 ohm and includes an amplifier for high fidelity listening with headphones. His own distortion is less than 0.03% and bandwidth ranges from 10 Hz to 50 kHz at -1 dB. The collection takes on a single card and use only integrated circuits which makes his achievement to everyone. The card can be shipped in a box extra dish of 40 mm high.

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    gerçekten çok teşekkür ederim çok sağol 🙂 bunu bulduğum iyi oldu harika.


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