Kablosuz kan oksijen ölçümü pic16f876 usb pc arayüz

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Kablosuz kan oksijen ölçümü pic16f876 usb pc arayüz

Devre kablosuz olarak kandaki oksijenin miktarını ölçüyor kontrol entegresi pic16f876 bilgisayar bağlantısı usb paralel modül ile sağlanmış tüm detaylar (ingilizce) akış diağramları kaynak picc ve pc yazılımı paylaşılmış


Wireless Oximeter The medical field has been quick to embrace wireless technology. The advantages in being able to monitor a number of patients from a distance are obvious, and lead to improved efficiency in a busy hospital.

Oximeter implementation The oximeter was separated into two PCBs, each intended for a ‘layer’ of the finger clip. The LEDs were positioned on the top PCB, while the rest of the components were on the bottom PCB, double-sided to save room. The design of both these PCBs can be found in

The QTLP650C-7, a surface mount AlGaAs red LED, which emits at a wavelength of
660nm, was used in conjunction with the HSDL-4400-011, a surface mount IR LED,
which emits at a wavelength of 910nm. They have a typical intensity of 20 and 15mcd
at 20mA, respectively. A BPW17N phototransistor and TL072 op amp IC were used
as well. To power the oximeter, two CR2032DP2 3V lithium coin cells, each with a
capacity of 180mAh, were used.

The transceiver chosen was the RFW102-M module with antenna, from RFWaves, a
short-range, half duplex wireless radio transceiver, which functions in the ISM (2400-
2483.5MHz) band. It supports data transfer up to 1Mbps, and very low power
consumption, proportional to the data rate (typically 21mA at 1Mbps, 28mA at 1kbps).

Oximeter firmware The microcontroller chosen for both the oximeter and the receiver was the PIC16F876, because of its relatively small size and ease of use. It features a 10-bit, 8
channel ADC, low supply voltage, low power consumption, and comes in a 28-pin
DIP package.

Dosya ve detaylar: innovexpo.itee.uq.edu.au/2003/exhibits/s363328/

alternatif Dosya indirme LINK listesi (TXT formatında) link-8729.zip şifre-pass: 320volt.com

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