Basit Visual Basic Projeleri

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Basit Visual Basic Projeleri

Introduction to Visual Basic : In electronics, there is always the situation that you perform a calculation or would like to automate a process. weiter A suitable tool for this is Visual Basic.

Introduction to Visual Basic

VB program RC-filter

VB program RC-filter : In the electronics lab, there are always situations in which one accesses to the calculator. A typical example is the calculation of an RC low-pass filter. This is a typical task for a little VB program

led blinker-switch-rs232

LED blinker switch : Visual Basic can not only expect but also directly manage electronic assemblies. weiter It is especially easy on the RS232

Short time to 100 ms

Short time to 100 ms : Here are Impulsdaueren between a few microseconds and 100 milliseconds at the entrance CTS measured. The ELEXS.DLL function TIMEREAD allowed a temporal resolution of one microsecond, so serious applications in the electronics lab is possible.

Simulation of lamp circuits using Visual Basic

Simulation of lamp circuits using Visual Basic : Suppose you are at the beginning of your training electricians. My master has given you the task, with the workshop in the existing electrical equipment in the elimination of a mounting plate with holes to build. The picture is the finished building model shown, after which you should proceed

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