AT90USB1287 LMX9838 Bluetooth Winamp Kumanda Nokia LCD

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AT90USB1287 LMX9838 Bluetooth Winamp Kumanda Nokia LCD

Oldukca detaylı bir proje zaten yazar tez raporu dahil eagle şema, pcb kaynak kodlar vb. her şeyi paylaşmış. Devrede kullanılan ana parçalar AT90USB1287 LMX9838 (Bluetooth modülü) W681310 (PCM kodek entegresi) Gösterge için Nokia LCD kullanılıyor donanımsal kaynakların yanı sıra C/ C++ kodları ile Winamp Plugin ve diğer program dosyalarıda farklı projeler için işinize yarayabilir..



The goal of this project is to create a complete and functional product, starting from scratch. Thus, you will see in this report many steps described, starting from the choice of components to the
creation of DLLs for Windows. We want to create a Bluetooth remote control having several functionalities:

– Display on a small LCD screen the tracks in the multimedia player’s them using the keys on the

– Display on the LCD the currently played track and its playing status

– Headset functionality: it is possible to plug a standard remote in order to use the remote control as a headset to make

– External keyboard capability: when the remote control is appropriate USB cable, the remote will be detected as an external keyboard (using the HID class). Thus, if the user’s computer doesn’t have a Bluetooth chip, he will still be control his multimedia player using the special keys

– Provide a platform with free tools: the compiler and the development environment are free, the compiled program can be sent to the microcontroller by using the USB bootloader. Thus anyone can develop on the remote without spending money

– Good autonomy: the remote control will be powered using a lithium battery which will be
charged when the remote Thus, the only part of the whole system on which this project relies is the Windows Bluetooth system drivers, since we don’t take care of the low level parts of the Bluetooth communication. This project uses the serial port profile on top of the Bluetooth stack playlist; remote. status. microphone and headphones on the VoIP calls connected to a computer using on the remote. rm on the development tools. is connected to a computer, using USB power.

AT90USB1287: 8Mhz, 128kb flash memory, embedded USB bootloader, free compiler (WinAVR)
LMX9838: Bluetooth to UART converter with embedded antenna, Serial Port Profile
Winbond W681310: cheap audio codec supported by the LMX9838
Nokia Color LCD: cheap 130*130 pixels screen interfaced using SPI bus


alternatif Dosya indirme LINK listesi (TXT formatında) şifre-pass:

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    bu ekranlar nekadar ? veyada eski nokia telefondan alsam olurmu yine renkli ekran


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