AT89C2051P ile 301 Ledli Analog Saat

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AT89C2051P ile 301 Ledli Analog Saat

301 Ledli Analog Saat projesine ait PCB Şema Dosyaları ve C51 Derleyici ile hazırlanmış C-hex Kaynak kodları bulunmakta LED saat devresi AT89C2051P mikrodenetleyici üzerine kurulu

The clock is built from 301 LEDs with a diameter of 3 mm fi = forming face (this Jend diode is in the middle) and 12 diodes contour hours. LEDs are arranged in seven districts. The three most outer districts contain 60 diodes each, while the four inner districts contain 30 diodes each. It was dictated by the dimensions of the clock, which is similar size to the size of a CD, which shows a photograph next to it. It has caused the size of the clock, the four inner districts do not accommodate full amount of 60 light-emitting diodes. However, a gimmick applied here: namely the control diodes is carried out in such a way that the internal diodes in the districts of the alternating light and turning it. The final effect is more than satisfactory.

Enclosures create two identical clock stands at the flowers purchased at the store, IKEA. The stands are made of hard plastic and thick, therefore, is suitable for this purpose, because the holes are drilled into LED fairly close together. It’s better not to try to bridge the implementation of the casing with a thin plastic, because when drilling holes, a stand may break.

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atmel at89c2051p analog led pcb

atmel-at89c2051p analog led saat

301 ledli saat


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