2X200W Anfi için Röleli Kısa Devre Koruma

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2X200W Anfi için Röleli Kısa Devre Koruma

High-quality low-frequency chain is relatively very expensive and thus no wonder that they are trying to protect its individual components in every possible way against damage or even destruction of improper manipulation or random problems. One of the possible failures are punctures one of the terminal transistors power amplifiers or any other cause, leading to nesymetrii output.


ochranarep_dps ochranarep_osaz

As regards the power amplifier is symmetrical, which normally has a capacity of separate speakers, the speaker or speakers safely leave their existence, as a result of a DC congestion. In these cases it is intended, this structure, which responds to the presence of the DC voltage output that disconnects speakers As a practical application requires intervention in amplifiers, not circuit, despite its simplicity and primitivism, designed for complete beginners.

List of components:
R1, 2 1M2
R3 1k
R4, 5 82k
C1 – C4 10uF / 25V
C5 47uF / 16V
D1 – D6 1N4148
D7 3V6 / 0.5W
T1, 3, 4 BC337 NPN or other
T2 BC327 PNP or other

Kaynak: Protection of speakers

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