TL494 ile Pwm Mosfetli Motor Kontrol

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TL494 ile Pwm Mosfetli Motor Kontrol

TL494 pwm kontrol entegresi ile yapılmış motor sürücü devreleri mosfet kullanılmadan düşük akımlı P kanal N kanal ve N-P kanal mosfetler ile güçlendirilmiş farklı devreler var splan ile hazırlanmış şematik çizimler sprint layout ile hazırlanmış pcb (n-p iki mosfetli devre için ) bulunmakta

A PWM (pulse-width modulation) DC in many packages pulsed Comparable to flasher circuit on a car gets to the consumer (for example, a light bulb) is not “full” power, but just Now is the PWM specifically not to blink That is why the “Blinking”, ie the output frequency of follow package usually so high that they are not visible, would you connect a lamp. For example, at 300 hertz solenoid valves or motors or even 20 kilos Hertz and more for other applications. Crucial for the performance at the output is less the frequency, but the clock ratio, ie the ratio of and packages. While the frequency for an application usually set, makes one stroke ratio adjustable and thus regulates the performance.

Pulse-width modulation with TL494 The TL494 is an extremely comfortable pulse-width modulation IC and has long been on the market.There fore it is also relatively inexpensive. An IC with many features, and there is the spare no reason for any of the other, newer types, which may be difficult availability, or the 10-to 20-fold cost.

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