PIC18F2320 Göstergeli Zaman Ayarlı Dijital Grup Pizir

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PIC18F2320 Göstergeli Zaman Ayarlı Dijital Grup Pizir

Dijital grup priz pic18f2320 mikrodenetleyici kullanılarak zaman (DS1302) ayarlı hale getilirmiş (Röleler ile 4 Kanal kontrol) priz üzerindeki LCD gösterge ekranında zaman, kalan süre görülebiliyor butonlar ile ayarlama yapılabiliyor. Prize bağlı cihazlar otomatik olarak kapatılabilir. Yazılım C dili ile hazırlanmış projeye ait pcb, şema kaynak kod dosyaları var.

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This little tiny connection a timer clock. The idea arose then when I should have inserted the 3. switch-clock into an one extending because it is necessary to join the lighting already, filter and possibly the heater.

The soul of this connection originally a pic 16F870-es mikrocontroller was. It turned out meanwhile though that little are a sweet RAM and ROM-ja. I exchanged it then an with him onto the compatible bigger sibling of pin assignment, PIC18F2320.
For this the mikrovezérlonek 8192 bytenyi* the memory of a program and 512 bytes data* he has a memory. This already more than enough.

His other important part the DS1302-es RTC produced by Maxim. This a clever real-time clock, because can be found in him an element (ill. backup battery) charger electronics.

The basis came problem than all own developments: What do we put it into? That box?
I reckoned that I build all into it originally an aluminium zártszelvénybe*, and I use neat floorings. Next one of the days I saw doing the shopping meanwhile a lightning defender – túlfeszvédo* extension cord. I use one like this for a long time already, but would not have managed to get into my reason into it to build. An extension cord like this, I took the electronics out of him, and I put it into him the sajátomat. It was necessary to change it rather strongly unfortunately. That how much? We may notice it then later when we take a close look at the exterior forming.

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