PIC16F84 Video Oyun Tetris ve Pong Joistik Kontrollü

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PIC16F84 Video Oyun Tetris ve Pong Joistik Kontrollü

PIC16F84 ile yapılmış güzel bir proje hem, video hemde joystick kontrolü tek işlemci ile sağlanmış

pic16f-video-tv-game pal ntsc

It has been designed hardware of the system’s CIP game to play with different kinds of games. It has two outlets for standard joystick C64/Amiga/Atari, video and audio. The processor is a PIC16F84 operating in 12MHz and that generates the video signal (PAL and NTSC) and audio software. The description of the hardware is the same for both games, Pong and Tetris.

In a PIC16F84 12Mhz, there are 3 million instructions per second, during exploration of line 64us, there are 192 instructions, and during the visible part of 52us only 156 instructions can be executed. If the value of the DA was set for each instruction during the 52us, get a resolution of 156 pixels on the x-axis, which is really bad. What is even worse is that the 156 pixels can not be used exactly as they wish, can hardly Estimating the value of a pixel in a clock cycle unless they are always the same so it can be generated by an instruction from a bit of system.

PIC16F84 Pong Oyunu PIC16F84 Tetris Oyunu test videosu;

Kaynak: server-die.alc.upv.es/asignaturas/TEII/2006-07/Web_C05/05.html

alternatif Dosya indirme LINK listesi (TXT formatında) link-4308.zip şifre-pass: 320volt.com

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