MC145026 MC145027 ile Kumandalı Röle Kontrol

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MC145026 MC145027 ile Kumandalı Röle Kontrol

This remote control, I zkonstruoval for the purposes of remote travel lift in its assembly. The output of the receiver is not solved through 4 relay, so it can be used to almost anything. The core of the entire remote control circuits for the remote control MC145027 (receiver) The transfer of information obstarávají modules SAW433-TX and RX-BC-NBK433, which are factory and work reliably on the first engagement. Their reach is the open area to 1 kilometer (using a directional antenna is alleged to 2 kilometers).


Remote control is designed as a 4-channel, perform more presses the buttons at the same time, the output relays are sepnuté only when pressing the button transmission (may be rehashes). The office of the remote control, I tested in a block of flats, however, is the influence of reinforced concrete structures to reduce the scope, but if I transmitter nepohyboval sharply, the total work reliably.


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  1. asma

    Merhaba arkadaşlar, bu projede kullanılan RX,TX modüllerini nereden ve kaça temin edebiliriz. Veya bunların yerine kullanabileceğimiz (temin edebileceğimiz) alternatif ürünler var mı?
    Ayrıca paylaşım için teşekkürler.


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