LM317 ve IRF610 Mosfet ile ClassA Kulaklık Anfisi

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LM317 ve IRF610 Mosfet ile ClassA Kulaklık Anfisi

Basit bir kulaklık anfi devresi 32Ω kullaklıklar için ideal temel elemanlar 1 adet mosfet (IRF610) ve pozitif regülatör (LM317) kutulama için CD-ROM Kasası kullanılmış devre 10..20 volt arası dc voltaj ile çalışıyor 750ma akım çekiyor delikli pertinaks üzerinde pek iyi görünmüyor ama kutulandıktan sonra baya şık duruyor

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DIY ClassA Head phone Amplifier

Not thrilled with how a computer soundcard drove my 32 ohm Grado SR80 headphones, I decided to build myself a desktop headphone amplifier for the office. As with most of my projects, the goal was to keep it simple, keep cost down and try use some salvaged part

There are a couple of items to note. A FET follower circuit will be able to supply high current, but the voltage gain will be less than one. This amplifier will only be suitable in applications where the input signal does not require voltage amplification (such as the output of an mp3 player or computer). Also, a simple single-ended circuit like this will have no power supply ripple rejection and thus any noise in the power supply is going to go right through amplifier. For that reason, you will need to use a regulated power supply. Suitable inexpensive regulated (wall wart) power supplies can be purchased from Radio Shack. 10-20VDC and 750mA should be fine.


Kaynak: diyaudioprojects.com/Solid/IRF610-Class-A-Headphone-Amp/


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