Kicad 3D Kütüphane Arşivi

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Kicad 3D Kütüphane Arşivi

Bildiğim kadarı ile Kicad en gelişmiş bedava pcb, şema çizim programı ve çok gelişmiş detaylı bir program profosyonel, ticari işler bile Kicad ile yapılabilir. Kicad kullanıcılarının işine yarayacak kicad 3d mikrodenetleyici, kicad 3d soketler, 3d pasif komponentler, kicad lcd eranlar, led display vb. bir çok malzemenin 3d kütüphane dosyaları…

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kicad-library-3d-dip-switchs-piano kicad-library-coolers kicad-library-relays kicad-library-transistor-ic-3d


Kicad Area Libraries of components for layout, PCB footprints and 3D modules developed by me and collaborations, participate! (Note: the items below that do not have 3D footprint (module), or component to the scheme, they are already available – even if the names do not indicate, directly, the same often holds true in the opposite direction – component without footprint and/or 3D already have an equivalent, see the topic tips!) (thank´s to Andy Collison for initial translation).

Added : 01/09/2005 Updated: 24/08/2008

Description Author
Kicad PIC Microcontrollers Renie S. Marquet
Kicad LCD graphic display 128×64 G128641B Renie S. Marquet
Kicad 3×4 Keypad Renie S. Marquet
Kicad Sockets for CI 8 to 40 pins of various widths (see tips) Renie S. Marquet
Kicad ZIF Socket 40 pin Renie S. Marquet
Kicad 92 Resistors all Colour Coded Renie S. Marquet
Kicad Electrolytic capacitors “more realistic looking” (see tips) Renie S. Marquet
Kicad Green, yellow and white/blue LED 5mm and 3mm Renie S. Marquet
Kicad SMD Components (SOIC24, SOIC28, Tssoic24 and Tssoic28) Renie S. Marquet
Kicad Test socket 1 to 12 ,14, 16, 18 and 20 pins Renie S. Marquet
Kicad Bridge rectifier (+ layout for schematic) Renie S. Marquet
Kicad Male CN2 connector Renie S. Marquet
Kicad ISA bus connector 62 pins Renie S. Marquet
Kicad Crystal Oscillators (square, rectangular, low profile 3-pin Renie S. Marquet
Kicad AD TCL5540 Texas (R) Renie S. Marquet
Kicad TO220 vertical case Renie S. Marquet
Kicad Molex connector (single and double)
10×1, 10×2, 20×1 e 20×2
Renie S. Marquet
Kicad Trimpot multiturn Renie S. Marquet
Kicad Digital Potentiometers Dual Michochip (R), MCP2xxxx Renie S. Marquet
Kicad Push Button Switch 4 Pin Version Renie S. Marquet

Added on : 01/02/2006 Updated 01/02/2006

Description Author
Kicad o_analog, migrated from Orcad; aprox. 70 comp. Carlos Dilger
Kicad o_assembly, migrated from Orcad; aprox. 45 comp. Carlos Dilger
Kicad .o_cmos, migrated from Orcad; aprox. 150 comp Carlos Dilger
.o_device, migrated from Orcad; aprox.190 comp. Carlos Dilger
.o_ecl, migrated from Orcad, aprox 110 comp. Carlos Dilger
o_intel, migrated from Orcad, aprox. 75 comp. Carlos Dilger
o_ladder, migrated from Orcad, aprox. 35 comp. Carlos Dilger
o_memory,migrated from Orcad, aprox.105 comp. Carlos Dilger
o_moto, migrated from Orcad, aprox 50 comp. Carlos Dilger
o_national, migrated from Orcad, aprox. 10 comp. Carlos Dilger
o_rf, migrated from Orcad, aprox. 40 comp. Carlos Dilger
o_school, migrated from Orcad, 7 comp. Carlos Dilger
o_shapes, migrated from Orcad, aprox. 30 comp. Carlos Dilger
o_tilsi, migrated from Orcad, aprox. 60 comp. Carlos Dilger
o_ttl, migrated from Orcad, aprox. 410 comp. Carlos Dilger
o_user, migrated from Orcad,aprox. 150 comp. Carlos Dilger
o_zilog, migrated from Orcad, aprox. 10 comp. Carlos Dilger
MSP430F1201,MSPP430F1232,MSP430F169 .Bruno Milhoci

Added : 06/06/2006 Updated: 06/06/2006

Description Author
Kicad Connectors RJ45-AMP, RJ45-TFN1-64P, RJ45-TFN1-88P, RJ45-TFN3-108P .Renie S.Marquet
Kicad Connectors Mini-din 6 pins (PS2), Mini-din 3 pins, Mini_din 4 pins., Mini_din 5 pins, Mini_din 7 pins, Mini_din 8 pins Renie S.Marquet.
IFT’s including core and screening can Renie S.Marquet.

Added : 01/07/2006 Updated: 24/08/2008

Description Author
Kicad Transformers Renie S.Marquet.
Kicad Fuses and fuseholders Renie S.Marquet.
Kicad Led Displays 7 segement red and green, single and double bar green and red LEDs Renie S.Marquet.
Kicad Horizontal Coils with and without ferrite core Renie S.Marquet.
Kicad Heatsinks for TO220 case style Renie S.Marquet.
RJ12 and USB sockets Renie S.Marquet.

Added : 03/07/2006 Updated 24/08/2008

Description Author
Dipswitches 4 , 8, 10 and 12 way Renie S.Marquet.

Added : 23/07/2006 Updated 23/07/2006

Description Author
Kicad ZIF sockets 32, 28, 24 and 20 pins green Renie S.Marquet.
ZIF sockets 32, 28 and 24 pins blue Renie S.Marquet.
SPDT mini switches and slideswitches.
3, 10 , 12 way DIPswitch
Renie S.Marquet.
RCA phono socket in 3 types and 3 colours each type Renie S.Marquet.
New Bornier connector screw
terminals 2 to 6 way
Renie S.Marquet.
Jumpers strip, 2 pins in blue, red, yellow & grey. Renie S.Marquet.
2 battery holders for PCI motherboards and
CR2032 battery.
Renie S.Marquet.
Mini Push button switches (long and short shaft) for PCB mounting. Renie S.Marquet.
Horizontal and Vertical Trimmers Renie S.Marquet.
DB37 connector (Male and Female) Renie S.Marquet.
Kicad PLCC IC’s 28, 44, 52, 68 and 84 pin Renie S.Marquet.
Kicad PLCC sockets 28, 44, 52, 68 and 84 pin Renie S.Marquet.
Kicad Molex connector up to 28 pins Renie S.Marquet.
Kicad Dual USB Connector (footprint USB single and double) Renie S.Marquet.

Added : 14/08/2006 Updated 14/08/2006

Description Author
Kicad IDC Connectors non-locking Renie S.Marquet.
IDC Connectors locking Renie S.Marquet.
IDC Connectors locking 90 degrees Renie S.Marquet.

Added : 03/09/2006 Updated 03/09/2006

Description Author
4 new mini push button switches Renie S.Marquet.
Kicad Potentiometers, small and large rotary and sliding Renie S.Marquet.
Kicad Rotary encoders, BCD and Hex Renie S.Marquet.
Kicad 3 relay models Renie S.Marquet.
LCD display 16 characters 2 lines
LCD display 16 characters 4 lines
Renie S.Marquet.
Object to place in the 3D card in 4 different colors (see video tutorial on the topic Books) Renie S.Marquet.

Added : 24/09/2006 Updated 24/09/2006

Description Author
Kicad Heatsink and hardware for TO3 case and general purpose heatsink Renie S.Marquet.
2 fan multi-use (change scale) can be used together
with heat sink
Renie S.Marquet.
Kicad Mounting Hardware. 4 types of bolts, threaded bar and nut (for use as a spacer). Renie S.Marquet.
Kicad PCB support Renie S.Marquet.
Pin_array with locking 2 to 20 pins Renie S.Marquet.
Pin_arrays with locking pins 2 to 20 pins 90 degrees Renie S.Marquet.

Added : 04/10/2006 Updated 04/10/2006

Description Author
Modules PC/104 8-bit and 16-bit Renie S.Marquet.

Added : 27/05/2007 Updated 27/05/2007

Description Author
Kicad USB “B” type connector Renie S.Marquet.
90 degrees pin array connector, 1 to 20 pins Renie S.Marquet.
Kicad Dual 90 degrees pin array connector 1 to 20 pins Renie S.Marquet.
Kicad Smart Card Connectors for 8 and 16 pins Renie S.Marquet.
Piezo sounders Renie S.Marquet.

Added : 08/07/2007 Updated 24/08/2008

Description Author
Kicad Female Connectors to PCB, 1 to 20 pins Renie S.Marquet.
7 new key switches Renie S.Marquet.
Rotary switches 1×12, 2×6, 3×4, 4×3 etc. Renie S.Marquet.
7 types of 3.5mm jack socket Renie S.Marquet.

Added : 22/09/2007 Updated 22/09/2007

Description Author
Kicad 4 control knobs different colours Renie S.Marquet.
Kicad Connectors for SD and MD cards Renie S.Marquet.
Connector for Compact Flash Renie S.Marquet.
9 optocouplers Renie S.Marquet.

Added : 10/12/2007 Updated 10/12/2007

Description Author
210 libraries of modules (footprints) migrated from Eagle Renie S.Marquet.
5 RJ45 multi-modules Renie S.Marquet
8 RJ45 multi-modules Renie S.Marquet
Kicad 4 Metal trimmers Renie S.Marquet
7 Multi turn (Cermet) Trimmers Renie S.Marquet
4 Round Trimmers Renie S.Marquet
Kicad8 Square plastic trimmers Renie S.Marquet
Various trimmers Renie S.Marquet

Added : 08/06/2008 Updated 08/06/2008

Description Author
Kicad 522 libraries of components for schematic editor migrated Eagle Renie S.Marquet

Added : 20/06/2008 Updated 21/06/2008

Description Author
Kicad 8 pressure sensor MPX2050 line (scale 1.5, 1.5, 1.5) Renie S.Marquet
10 pressure sensor MPX5700 line (scale 1.5, 1.5, 1.5) Renie S.Marquet
Kicad PC power connectors from 2 to 24 pins (scale 2,2,2) Renie S.Marquet

Added : 21/06/2008 Updated 21/06/2008

Description Author
Barometric sensor MS5540B Renie S.Marquet
Kicad Humidity and temperature sensors SHTxx series Renie S.Marquet

Added : 23/06/2008 Updated 23/06/2008

Description Author
Kicad Connector AmpSeal32 Renie S.Marquet
3 types of mini fuse holder Renie S.Marquet

Added : 09/08/2008 Updated 09/08/2008

Description Author
Kicad DSPIC30F4013 David Ribeiro
Kicad Buck Regulator LM2575 David Ribeiro
Kicad I2C Port Expander MCP230xx David Ribeiro
Kicad Temperature gauge with I2C bus TC74 David Ribeiro
EM202 Ethernet Controller David Ribeiro
Power Resistors Series KP Renie S.Marquet
Power Resistors Series M Renie S.Marquet
Power Resistors Series KWP Renie S.Marquet
Power Resistors Series KH Renie S.Marquet
Kicad Power Resistors Series HS Renie S.Marquet
Nixie Tubes 0 to 9 Renie S.Marquet

Added : 01/11/2008 Updated 01/11/2008

Description Author
Kicad 24 Pin array connector refurbished Renie S.Marquet
24 Pin array connector refurbished 90 degrees Renie S.Marquet
24 Dual pin array connector refurbished Renie S.Marquet
24 Dual Pin array connector refurbished 90 degrees Renie S.Marquet
MOSFET dual N channel Renie S.Marquet
SOT 103 Renie S.Marquet
LMD18254 – Driver stepper motor Renie S.Marquet
Relay model sh Metaltex Renie S.Marquet
Micro switch used in mouses Renie S.Marquet
Jack Lumberg 1503-09 Renie S.Marquet
Kicad TO92 pinout horizontal and vertical Renie S.Marquet
Kicad Objects for plates, 4 colour semi-transparent Renie S.Marquet
Dip switches 2 to 10 way and 12 way piano type in blue and red Renie S.Marquet
30 styles of TOxxx case outlines Renie S.Marquet

Added on : 12/04/2009 Updated 12/04/2009

Description Author
Kicad 12 Electrolytic capacitors refurbished light blue Renie S.Marquet
12 Electrolytic capacitors refurbished orange Renie S.Marquet
12 Electrolytic capacitors remodeled dark blue Renie S.Marquet
Kicad 96 colour coded resistors (horizontal) Renie S.Marquet
96 colour coded resistors (vertical) Renie S.Marquet

Added : 01/05/2009 Updated 01/05/2009


Description Author
3 Connectors RJ45 Ethernet Renie S.Marquet
6 connectors min DIN 3 to 8 pin Renie S.Marquet
Kicad 14 LEDs remodeled in 7 colors, 5mm and 3mm Renie S.Marquet

Added : 06/06/2010 Updated 06/06/2010


Description Author
Kicad Discret CIs (10 symbols) Bernd Wiebus
Varius symbols (223 symbols) Bernd Wiebus
Transformers (2 symbols) Bernd Wiebus
Clips and batterys AA, AAA e 9V Renie S.Marquet
12 Minifit conectors 90 degrees 2 to 24 pins (scales 2 , 2 , 2) Renie S.Marquet
Pressure sensors MPXH6400A and MPXH6440A (scales 0.5 , 0.5 0.5) Renie S.Marquet




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