Gitar Switch bypass pedal efekt Devreleri

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Gitar Switch bypass pedal efekt Devreleri

Yapımı kolay basit çeşitli devreler var uygulamaların çoğu tamamlanmış pcb şema ve tamamlanmış hallerinin resimleri bulunmakta özellikle basit bağlantı şemaları işinizi kolaylaştırır 😉

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Range Treble Booster

Just as his role model is minimalist, and he works with a PNP germanium transistor. As a contrast to his role model is the range with negative mass leadership, which use the same network as part effect for other devices. A rocker switch on the election of the phonetically, it is also versatile.


The plus

The plus is a distortion on the basis of the good old MXR Distotion +.Compared with the original, he has some improvements


AB switch

AB switch directs a signal on two different outputs.This could for example be used to signal a guitar effect in two different ways to turn.


Two times true bypass pedal

With the True double bypass two effects loop running.This can easily two or more units without effect True Bypass and effects in the running.


A-B-Y switch

With the A-B-Y switch can be either a signal to 2 individual outputs switch (AB), or 2 outputs simultaneously set (Y).The first counter ( “A / B”) switches between the outputs A and B, the second switch (Y), the input signal to both outputs.



With the changeover can be the order of two effects devices or even two sets of equipment into reverse.Tremolo in Distortion oder Distortion ins Tremolo,Once, after a loop the loop,This can vary sounds very good, for example tremolo distortion or distortion in the tremolo, the differences are clearly audible. Of course there are also interesting effects on other variants!


The ruler

The ruler is a neutral booster based on the Electro Harmonix Linear Power Booster.It serves to increase the volume without significant sound coloring.


The Bender

The Bender is a descendant of the widely known Tonbender family. Wie sein Vorbild hat er eine positive Like his role model, he has a positive collective leadership, which means that it is only with an extra power supply, the only other devices with positive ground are allowed to operate.Battery operation is also possible.The polarity of the power supply needs to be modified + is on the DC plug and then inside – outside.


True bypass pedal

With the “true bypass effect can be a single-loop running.This can easily find one or more units without effect True Bypass and effects in the running.


Volume Switch

With the volume switch can be divided into two volumes at the touch of a button abrufbereit. In normal condition is the signal lLaut unaffected, the Poti to running the sound quieter.Off the signal thanks to True bypass unaffected.


A-B-C switch

With the A-B-C switch can be a signal on three different outputs switch.Umgekejrt can, of course, three signals on a starting switch. The first switch (A) switches between the outputs A and A / B, the second switch (B / C) switches between B and C.


The Screamer

The Screamer is a project for two classic Drives Over the TS9 and the TS-808, supplemented by a switch for symmetrical or asymmetrical clipping diodes. TS-808 and TS-9 differ only by two resistors, what sounds better, of course, as always, a matter of taste


The Face – fuzz germanium

The Fuzz Face is one of the effects devices classics.This variant is equipped with two germanium transistors. As this fuzz with a positive mass works, it can not effect with other devices (mostly negative ground) to a power supply operation.


The fuzz Face – Silicon

The Face is one of the effects devices classics. This variant is equipped with two Silzium transistors, and can be mass leadership thanks negative effect with other devices to a power supply.



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