CCS ile PIC Projeleri CCSC project

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CCS ile PIC Projeleri CCSC project

CCS ile PIC Programlayan yeni başlayan kişilerin işine yarayabilecek ya da feyz alacakları kaynak C kondaları şemaları ile uygulanmış CCS C PIC Projeleri bulunuyor projelerin hepsinde kaynak kodlar var gps, şarj vs çok farklı uygulamalar bulunuyor

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Ayrıca yeni başlayanlar için faydalı olabilecek Türkçe kaynak Picproje ekibinin hazırladığı CCS C ile Microchip PIC Programlama Klavuzuna Buradan ulaşabilirsiniz

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CCS C ile PIC Projeleri Liste

include file “jonsinc.h” used by most of these projects.
wireless remote control for raymarine st4000 autopilot uses raytheon’s seatalk® communications protocol.
combination lock for safe puts security into an old fire safe.
timed discharge adapter for a vericom control panel used with an advantex wastewater treatment system.
coffee power manager or, how to get 27-amps out of a 20-amp outlet for three large coffee pots at church.
steam generator for residential steam shower.
network equipment resetter automatically drops power to routers and satellite internet receiver once every 24 hours.
data logger measures and stores voltage at specified intervals and dumps to rs232. 8192 samples.
battery characterizer loads charged nicad and nimh battery packs and measures milliamp hour capacity.
underground locator generator for radiodetection® rd400 llts precision line trace unit (underground cable locator)
gps repeater/systems monitor displays nmea-0183 data from a gps, battery voltages, etc.
track controller for awana® grand prix (also pinewood derby) measures and displays finish times, sends results to computer. works with “grandprix race manager” from
pic® programmer
i use the microengineering labs u2 programmer in my own lab. this programmer connects to a usb port and gets it power from the usb port. it works well and i highly recommend it!
gps-based compass display uses rs232 data stream from gps receiver.
darkroom exposure system controls safelamp and enlarger lamp, measures exposure.
remote control for raymarine st4000 autopilot uses raytheon’s seatalk® communications protocol.
combination lock for home door, 4×4 matrix keyboard, master combination plus four programmable combinations, programmable lamp and solenoid times
liquid level transmitter/receiver system designed for marine applications using raytheon’s seatalk® bus. includes tachometer transmitter example although the receiver is only for liquid level.
temperature sensor using the ds1820 chip.
experimental pellet stove controller.
diesel tachometer uses “tach” signal from alternator.
adc example for 16f87x pics and similar.
addressable adc and controller receives serial command then 1) returns adc measurement, and 2) writes output port. three-byte serial command, three adc inputs, 8 digital outputs, 5-bit address, 9600-baud.
morse code display hears morse code from shortwave receiver, displays text on lcd display.
rx/tx pulse stretcher for led that monitor serial rx/tx lines
combination lock single button, for car liftgate
delayed-shutter control for the (now obsolete) kodak dc-20 digital camera
camera interface for the (now obsolete) kodak dc-20 camera in radio-control aircraft
audible emergency locator alarm (“lost model alarm”) for lost (and possibly “re-kitted”) radio-control planes
radio-control servo examples

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