ATtiny2313 ile Wav Player

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ATtiny2313 ile Wav Player

Kesin bu horozu 😀

Devre ATtiny2313 mikrodenetleyici üzerine kurulu MAX232 ile pc bağlantısı kurulabiliyor pc programı ile wav dosyası yükleniyor TDA2003 anfi entegresi ile çıkış güçü yükseltilmiş


The electronic circuit it ATtiny2313-mas* mikrovezérlo that of a circle is being built. AVR-hez* the memory IC (AT45DB4161) a voltage divider is attached with resistances since the memory is a maximum 3.6V-ot* is able to tolerate it. According to this Z-diódás with a stabilizer 3.3V-ra* the supply voltage is portrayed for IC. From IC it adatvzeték* the AVR re is attached directly since he is AVR the 3.3V-ot* H can perceive it as a level yet.

The digital code being equal to the sound AVR single R-2R turns it into an analogous sign with a network, mainly the cost effectiveness and I decided it because of the simplicity at this solution. The strengthening grade follows this. For strengthening IC TDA2003-mat* I singled it out mainly his plain connection, his price, and the equivalent, cca. 10W-os* because of his leave performance.

To put on a sound for the apparatus, to delete we are top notch with the help of a computer. The electronic circuit sorosporttal* is attached to the computer, this an MAX232 type next fitting accomplishes it through IC


Alternatif Dosya indirme LINK listesi (TXT formatında) şifre-pass:

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3 Yorum “ATtiny2313 ile Wav Player

  1. masterfoxx

    Greetings from Hungary, i’m the author of this circuit 😉

    I see, you got some problem with the translation 😉

    ATtiny2313-mas mikrovezérlő = ATtiny2313 type microcontroller
    adatvzeték = data line
    strengthening grade 🙂 = power amplifer stage
    sorosporttal = with serial port (RS232)
    Z-diódás with a stabilizer 3.3V-ra = Stabilizer for 3.3V with Z-diode

  2. S.Maky


    What a beautiful project, but can you share the code and the circuit.
    I really want to build this but don’t know how.
    Hopefully you can help me =)


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