ATtiny2313 AT90S2313 Uygulamaları

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ATtiny2313 AT90S2313 Uygulamaları

Yoğun olarak ATtiny2313 AT90S2313 projeleri bulunmakta ayrıca programla devreleri analog devrelerde var

An Even Better LC Meter Based on Atmel AVR ATTINY861

A Pretty Good LC Meter Based on an AVR ATtiny2313 AT90S2313

LC Determination by Resonant Frequency Measurement ATtiny2313 AT90S2313

MAX038 Function-Sweep Generator with Markers ATtiny2313 AT90S1200A

A Little More Serious Frequency Meter-CounterATtiny2313 AT90S2313

Frequency Meter and Pulse Generator ATtiny2313 AT90S2313

Digital Lock-in Milliohmmeter ATtiny2313 AT90S2313

Digital RF Field Strength Indicator ATtiny2313 AT90S2313

RF Field Strength Probe AT90S1200A

LTD-Low Cost Telemetering Device; ATMega8 scanning voltmeter with Morse Code output ATMega8

Waveform Monitor with LCD ATtiny2313 AT90S2313

Terminal Interface with Minimum Mass Wireless Coupler ATtiny2313 AT90S2313

Scanning Voltmeter with Minimum Mass Wireless Coupler ATMega8

Frequency Meter with Minimum Mass Wireless Coupler ATtiny2313 AT90S2313

LCD Display with Minimum Mass Wireless Coupler ATtiny2313 AT90S2313

Tiny Tuned Loop Antennas for the Minimum Mass Wireless Coupler

Digital wireless for the bench top ATtiny12

RS-232 to Wireless Instrument Data Channel ATtiny2313 AT90S2313

Frequency meter with wireless Data Channel ATtiny2313 AT90S2313

FM Transmitter With Crystal Referenced PLL Frequency Control Using LMX1601 ATtiny2313 AT90S2313

1750 Meter Lowfer Band amplitude modulated RF source ATtiny2313 AT90S2313

A Dual Mode Superhet-Direct Conversion AM receiver for 181.818 kHz Lowfer ATtiny2313 AT90S2313

AttoBasic Byte-Wide interpreter for ATtiny2313 and AT90S2313

AttoBasic AT90S8515-ATMEGA8515 and ATmega163

AVR Firmware Monitor Program AVR Controllers with on-chip UART

Minimum Mass Waveform Capture with AVR AVR controllers with RAM

DS: Test and development tool for DS interface ATtiny2313 AT90S2313

DS: Clock-Calendar-Alarm with EEPROM-based interpreter and DS Interface ATtiny12

DS: 3 channel 8 bit EEPROM DAC with DS interface ATtiny12

ATtiny12 Fuse Restorer AT90S1200A

EEPROM Driver for 24LC64 128 and 256 AVR Controllers

8 Channel PWM PWM Code AVR Controllers

AVR Serial Programmer AT90S1200A ATtiny2313 AT90S2313

AVR 8 and 20 pin programming adapter

Lazy ISP Adaptor for Socketed AVR ISP Controllers

Barker Code-Locked Loop Synchronous DemodulatorATtiny2313 or AT90S2313 ATtiny12

Half-flying capacitor analog multiplexer for microcontrollers AVR Controllers or other with tristate I- pins

Experimental 1 kHz Synchronous Demodulator ATtiny2313 AT90S2313

Garden Watering Timer Gates and counters; no microcontroller

Door chime Privacy Sentry ATtiny12

Morse Code Alarm Clock modification with ATtiny2313-AT90S2313

Kaynak: Microcontrollers Analog RF

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