Akvaryum pH Metre Display Göstergeli

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Akvaryum pH Metre Display Göstergeli

Aquarium pH Meter Any fond of aquaculture knows how important it is to know and monitor the conditions of the water from the aquarium so that the life within it develops smoothly. One of the factors that determine these conditions is the pH or acidity of the water. Unfortunately, pH meters of good quality are extremely expensive. With this in mind I decided to design and build a pH meter to bring together accuracy and reliability at a cost not very high. The result is mounting as described below, whose most notable features are:


– Accuracy: better than 1%.
– Range: pH of 0 to pH 9.99.
– Type of probe: standard.
– Alarms pH too high and too low adjustable.
– Output to connect to a power module to activate the appropriate device in case of pH too high or too low.

– Food in low-voltage through an external adapter.
– Equipment needed: material to manufacture printed circuit boards (virgin photosensitive plate, heatstroke, material developer and attacked, solder, tin, etc.). Polymers and digital.

– Devices extra requirements:-220V AC adapter to 9V/12V-AC of 400mA and probe pH standard (≈-60mV / º pH).

– Approximate cost: 7000 pesetas (feeder and probe not included).


alternatif Dosya indirme LINK listesi (TXT formatında) link-4345.zip şifre-pass: 320volt.com

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