Açık Kaynak Arm Fpga Xscale Geliştirme Kartı

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Açık Kaynak Arm Fpga Xscale Geliştirme Kartı

The Balloon project has produced Balloon3, a high-performance ARM board designed for use by OEMs and Higher education. Spec is PXA270 (583Mhz), FPGA or CPLD, 1GB flash, 784MB RAM, USB (master, slave, OTG), CF slot, expansion bus, 16-bit bus, I2C, LCD, serial, audio. Very low power in CPLD confiuguration. Small, light. Various add-on boards: VGA LCD driver, robot motor driver+A/D, digital IO. Released under the Balloon Open Hardware license, which allows anyone to manufacture and for people to make derivatives. The expansion bus allows balloon to be used as the computing component for various special-purpose devices.


* Intel XScale PXA270 processor (max: 520Mhz)
* 128Mb Mobile SDRAM (max: 512MB)
* NOR flash ROM (max: 32MB)
* NAND-flash, including 16bit variants
* JTAG programmable ROM and PLD
* Real time clock
* Choice of FPGA or CPLD
* Mobile Scalable Link
* Single 5V Supply
* Small and Lightweight (113 x 56mm Typical weight: 20-30g)

Arm Fpga Xscale development alternatif Dosya indirme LINK listesi (TXT formatında) link-3259.zip şifre-pass: 320volt.com

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