Atmel ATmega8 DCC Servo Protokol

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Atmel ATmega8 DCC Servo Protokol

Demir yollarında yol verme kontrol ile ilgili bir devre.. benzer bir yazı Hareketli Blok Komünikasyon Bazlı Tren Koruma

For my future layout, now I have a little older S-Bahn system, I have decided that the new plant to go digital and control. I have decided clearly in favour of the DCC protocol. During the implementation will be as much as possible to electronic components in self across the stage.

For tests and experience collection, also for the Gelandebau, I only have a test track, until now a abzweigenden stretch by Soft and signal. It is the power supply and the booster accommodated. The whole building with enough space to accommodate modules developed and connect.



alternatif Dosya indirme LINK listesi (TXT formatında) şifre-pass:

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