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PIC16F873 Araba Bilgi Paneli

Araba içinde don alarmı (ses ikaz) , açık lamba alarmı, sıcaklık, akü voltajı, tarih, aşırı şarj gibi bilgilerin 4X20 LCD display üzerinde görüntülenmesini sağlayan bir tasarım… devre PIC16F873 mikrodenetleyici ile gerçekleştirilmiş sıcaklık algılama senserü olarak LM335Z kullanılıyor.

Projenin kaynak assembly yazılımı var şuan ki hali ile yukarıda bahsettiğim özellikler var tako metre, hız gösterge kısımları yazılıma eklenmemiş ama bu haliylede oldukca başarılı





;  This Code Sends the data to the LCD in 4 Bit mode and
;   writes a welcome string on the display, than after a short while clears
;   the screen and asks the user for a pasword. After the user enters the
;   correct password (find this out yourself in the code) the program does
;   various things with the screen: on the left side
;   a temperature meter is shownn, on the right side the last button pressed
;   is shown and in the middle a 24 hour clock is shown.
;  The data is sent to the LCD module using six wires (4 data wires, the E
;   line and the RS line). The RW line is not used (permanently to ground) so
;   reading from the LCD is not possible (it is not necessary in this
;   application). For that reason, polling to see if the LCD is ready is
;   also not possible. That's why correct timing must be used before sending
;   the next command to the LCD.
;  Hardware Notes for LCD:
;   Reset is tied directly to Vcc and PWRT is Enabled.
;   The PIC is a 16F873 Running at 4 MHz.
;   PortC.2 is the E line
;   PortC.3 is the RS line
;   PortC.4 -> 7 are the data lines D4 -> D7
; buttons: left = mode       right = set
; This program also makes use of the built-in AD converter of the
; PIC16F873.
; Voltage measurement: measures between 0.00V and 15.00V, precision 0.015V
; AD configuration: Vref- at Vss, Vref+ at Vdd.
; Input must be divided by means of voltage divider, with a factor 3.0.
; Temperature measurement: Vref- at 2.00V, Vref+ at 4.00V
; This program is designed for use with a 20 x 4 character LCD module.
; (C) Geert Van Espen 2001

Kaynak: home.tiscali.be/geert.van.espen/

PIC16F873 Araba Bilgi Paneli
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