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PIC16F628A ile Matrix 7X32 Led Yazı Panosu

Led panosunun görünümü oldukca güzel olmuş çok led kullanıldığı için proje pcb dosyasının olması büyük kolaylık led panosunda pic16f628a kullanılmış frekans 4mhz led matrixler 74ls164n entegreleri ile sürülüyor. Devrenin beslemesi L7805 Pozitif Regülatör entegresi ile yapılmış L7805 çok ısınacaktır iyi bir soğutucu ile soğutma işlemi yapmayı ihmal etmeyin..

For example, a 28-pin PIC16F876A has 22 dedicated to system I / S, and his elder brother, PIC16F877A which has a total of 40 dedicated 33-pin these duties. Usually, with a number of pins and control can be solved correctly almost any situation that arises us, because usually in the design of a control circuit just read a few switches or sensors, and then to make some internal process These signals are working (or not) a few loads connected to their exits, usually through relays or interfaces of some sort. However, there are cases where no specific CIP (or other microcontroller families) can bring in sufficient number of I / S for controlling all connected to the charges and should use circuits support commanded by control signals and using a data bus. One such case is that we are dealing in this article.

pic16f628a_matrix led

pic16f628a_matrix_7x32_led pano

Circuito7x32 Pcb7x32_1 Pcb7x32_2 Pcb7x32_3

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