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PIC16F628 PIC16F84 SMT160-30 termostat termometre devreleri

Tüm termo metre devreleri display göstergeli ve ısı sensörü için SMT-160-30 kullanılmış kaynak assembly .asm ve .hex yazılımları eagle ile hazırlanmış pcb .brd şema .sch dosyaları ve malzeme listeleri var. 4 adet proje bulunuyor PIC16F84, PIC16F628 mikrodenetleyicileri kullanılmış.

Termostat Termometre Devreleri

PIC16F84 SMT 160-30 Display göstegeli termometre devresi

PIC16F628 SMT160-30 Display göstegeli termometre devreleri: 2 kanal röle çıkışlı, 4 zamanlı ayarlanabilir devre – Gün, tarih, yıl, sıcaklık gibi bilgileri görüntüleyebilen termometre devresi

The basis of the thermostat control unit that contains the processor, three-digit display and three operating buttons and a temperature sensor that can be placed outside the unit for three-core shielded cable (tested up to 15 meters). Temperature sensor is -40 ° C to 130 ° C. The display shows a temperature of -19.9 to 99.9 (accuracy + / -0.7 ° C depending on the particular sensor). There is no need for calibration. The unit has two outputs that switch according to the selected control program. Power control unit = 5V / 20 mA.

In a time warp cyclically displays temperature, hour, day, date, year. The thermostat function can be used to indicate a negative temperature (LEDs). Panel records minimum and maximum temperatures, including the time and date when the change occurred. If there is a change MIN or MAX temperature, the temperature display will flash the decimal point. The timing loop can go to viewing / setting. Here not only view and set all the data, but you can also adjust the appearance of a time warp.


Tüm dosyalar: PIC16F628 PIC16F84 SMT160-30 termostat termometre devreleri

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