Active Studio Speakers Crossover Class D Amplifier Circuit

Low frequency TDA8954 class D power amplifier circuit frequency crossover circuit and digital signal procesor (DSP) complete 2-way active speaker system, simulation schematics pcb desing and Speakers solidworks Speakers coreldraw autocad desing low –

14.4V Li-ion Battery Pack UC3844 SMPS Charger

Li-ion 14.4V Battery Pack UC3844 SMPS Charger the UC3844 integrated circuit is supplied directly from the DC link via the resistor R2. After the circuit switches on, the power transistor Q1 is powered by

ATmega8 FT232R USB ESR Meter Circuit

USB ESR Meter Circuit The main part of the meter is a ATmega8 microcontroller that controls the entire device. Its main the task is to process measured data and perform calculations so that the

ADuC831 DS1921G AD8203 Datalogger Circuit

Data logger project ADuC831 Datalogger Circuit data measurement in processes and followed by a microprocessor equipped with a datalogger based on one from the economical I51 series microcontrollers. Data logger control was implemented via

Mosfet LED Dimmer 12V 24V

LED brightness control gives you tremendous control over the light emitted by the LEDs. However, to use them in a safe manner for LEDs and other devices or electrical installations, use appropriate regulators and

Reverb Effect Circuit PT2399 Guitar effects

The way to create the “Reverb” effect can be divided into two types: mechanical and electronic, depending on the operation principle. The first and at the same time the oldest solution is the spring

NE555 Super Siren Circuit

The first block is built on the NE555, which acts as a free-wave generator. VR1 50k potentiometer and C1 capacitor and VR3 100k potentiometer and capacitor C2 are responsible for the “rotation” speed. The

LM338 Adjustable Power Supply Circuit

LM338 Circuit 1,5v…32v – 3A s you know, every electronic circuit needs power. That is why power supplies and voltage stabilizers are one of the most popular topics, enjoying uninterrupted interest. The presented power

LM3886 Amplifier Module

Mono power module, based on LM3886 application. He enjoys very high popularity and good reputation even among audiophiles who are “overly sensitive to everything that is integrated”. The LM3886 integrated circuit is based on