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Bluetooth Skorbord Atmel ATtiny45 BTM400-6B

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Skorbord devresi Atmel ATtiny45 mikrodenetleyici üzerine kurulu cep telefonu bluetooth üzerinden kontrol edilebiliyor devrede BTM400-6B bluetooth modül kullanılmış gösterge ise LCD televizyon devrenin VGA çıkışı var. Bluetooth Skorbord projesine ait kaynak attiny45 ve Android iletişim kodları eagle pcb, şema çizimleri var çok faydalı bir kaynak

Not: eagle kütüphanesinde attiny45 olmadığı için şemada attiny13 görünüyor kullanılan mikrodenetleyici attiny45

Bluetooth Scoreboard This project aims to display a scoreboard in a regular VGA monitor, remotely controlled with an Android device (cellphone, tablet) via Bluetooth. Bluetooth module BTM400-6B will wait for a connection from a device (e.g. an Android phone) and will act as an Serial Port Profile re-passing everything received from the device to the UART interface. In our case the ATtiny will read the data but won’t “speak back” to the module, so it’s really a one way communication from that point of view. pretty simple: control a ping-pong electronic scoreboard from an Android bluetooth-enabled device. To do this, I used an ATtiny45 which main function is to display the current scores in a VGA monitor while reading from a bluetooth module UART interface waiting for “commands” that will tell it what to display. The Android device sends the commands via bluetooth, running an application specially designed for this project. As usual, the whole project is open source, including schematics, AVR firmware and the Android application.




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