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100-150m Basit Mini FM Verici Devresi 9V

9 volt pil ile çalışan basit bir fm verici devresi pcb oldukca küçük smd dirençlerde kullanılmış

basit fm verici devresi

Your offer is very simple compacts zhuchok transmission signal with a range of 100-150m good sensitivity and low current consumption. scheme consists of a bass amplifier for the first transistor and the proper frequency generator in the second. transmitter divided transitional capacitor that allows you to set up a cascade separately.

At that shows the value of all the details and transistors! Reel contains 5 turns enamelled wires 0.35mm to send a diameter of 3.2mm (rod of the handle or auger).Setting devaysa boils down to the installation shown in the pattern of voltages through appropriate resistors, and then check the current consumption – it should be about 10mA antenna – a piece of wire 40cm. Here you can see the bug assembly factory performance


kaynak http://members.lycos.co.uk/rkka/electronics/juk_first.html

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