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Verimi yüksek led dimer devresi pwm kontrol

Led dimer devresinde lm358 opamplar ile pwm tekniği kullanılmış ledli el feneri olarak kullanılabilir. Proje hakkında tüm bilgiler (ingilize) verilmiş.

beyaz-led-pwm-el-feneriThis webpage describes a highly efficient LED dimmer, or a dimmable LED flashlight, or a switching current source, or whatever you want to call it. Cheap, single-IC, uses commonly available parts, easy to build. Designed to get the longest light out of a (rechargable) battery, ideal in emergency situations: some 24+ hours for a single white LED at full brightness from a cheap 9V, 200mAh battery. Works well from 4 up to at least 30 Volts; may even vary over time, while the brightness level is maintained essentially constant. Can drive as many LEDs


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