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Köprü Bağlantılı Step Motor Sürücü L6203 L297

Cnc projesi hazırlanmış bir motor kontrol devresi temel elemanlar L6203 ve L297

Half bridge motors driver up to 2 amper / stage and this allowed me to do a bit of experience in the piloting of stepper motors. I even built a whole cnc funzionante.Sapevo to have suitable bridges to drive cnc small size and now it is time to move on to something more powerful. the bridge that I present here. It employs two integrated L6203 that each pilot phase and a L297 which is responsible for the translation of step and implements the chopper.

l297-l6203-step-motor-surucu-cnc-proje motor-surucu-devresi-test

L6203 Dmos Full Bridge Driver


  • supply voltage up to 48v
  • 5a max peak current (2a max. for l6201)
  • total rms current up to
  • l6201: 1a; l6202: 1.5a; l6203/l6201ps: 4a
  • rds (on) 0.3 Ω (typical value at 25 °c)
  • cross conduction protection
  • ttl compatible drive
  • operating frequency up to 100 khz
  • thermal shutdown
  • internal logic supply
  • high efficiency

L297 Stepper Motor Controllers


  • normal-wave drive
  • half/full step modes
  • clockwise/anticlockwise direction
  • switchmode load current regulation
  • programmable load current
  • few external components
  • reset input & home output
  • enable input

Kaynak: fisertek.it Half bridge for stepper motors alternatif link: Köprü Bağlantılı Step Motor Sürücü L6203 L297

Dosya indirme LINK listesi (TXT formatında) link-4808.zip şifre-pass: 320volt.com

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