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LM267X Step-Down Regulatör LM267X Desing Tool

Simple Switcher Step-Down LM267x serisi regulatör entegreleri için tüm hesaplamaları yapan bir program. Tüb bilgilerin yanı sıra uygulama devreside veriliyor

Lm2678 özellikleri

• Efficiency up to 92%
• Simple and easy to design with (using off-the-shelf external components)
• 120 mohm DMOS output switch
• 3.3V, 5V and 12V fixed output and adjustable (1.2V to 37V ) versions
• 50µA standby current when switched OFF
• ±2%maximum output tolerance over full line and load conditions
• Wide input voltage range: 8V to 40V
• 260 KHz fixed frequency internal oscillator
• -40 to +125°C operating junction temperature range

LM267X Made Simple Overview

LM267X Made Simple is an expert system for the automated design using National Semiconductors SIMPLE SWITCHER™ power converters. It is a member of Switchers Made Simple ® family of software products.

This software tool provides you with:

– a very easy to use graphical interface
– a simple control for viewing circuit behavior based on Vin.
– a database of approved components to select from.
– an interactive schematic for viewing your design.
– the ability to select from compatible alternate components.
– a Parts List display.
– a component supplier display
– the ability to save your designs to a design database.
– the ability to save the schematic image to a file or the clipboard.
– all the information you need to design a power supply.


LM2678 Step-Down Regulatör Programı: LM267X Step-Down Regulatör LM267X Desing Tool

Dosya indirme LINK listesi (TXT formatında) link-60.zip şifre-pass: 320volt.com

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