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40 Pin PIC16F,PIC18F Deneme Geliştirme Kartları

| 2008/06/05

This is a two-in-one PIC programmer and Experiment board for 40 pin PIC Micro devices.It easy to developt your program without insert/remove PIC micro.You just programming your code and then download to this board without any programmer .This board interface with parallel port.This board supports for PIC16F,PIC18F 40 pin devices . Kaynaklar: PICLab Deneme geliştirme…

PIC16F873 PIC16C84 Deneme Geliştirme Kartları

| 2008/04/21

PIC 16F873 demo board A PCB with firmware to exploit and test all the functions in this PIC microcontroller. The board features a LCD, keyboard, piezo sounder, Real Time Clock with backup power, I2C bus, potmeter for A/D conversion and more. I use Shane Tolmie’s exellent PIC Bootloader solution to download software into the microcontroller.…