50V DC DC Converter Circuit MC34063

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50V DC DC Converter Circuit MC34063

Sometimes you may get a small and simple changer on the 50th. MC34063 Input voltage can range of about 5v to 15v without any significant change output voltage. The maximum current supplied is not large, it is only a unit mA.The changer is mainly designed for easy receivers,so that the maximum current is sufficient. Otherwise, I recommend to replace capacitors on the output transistor.Scheme is the involvement of the Figure 1 and is based on the recommended involvement of the circuit MC34063, which is the foundation.It was only omitted limiting resistor, which is not needed.

MC34063 DC DC Converter Circuit


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  1. Electronics Circuits

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    High-quality low-frequency chain is relatively very expensive and thus no wonder that they are trying to protect its individual components in every possible way against damage or even destruction of improper manipulation or random problems. One of the possible failures are punctures one of the terminal transistors power amplifiers or any other cause, leading to nesymetrii output.

  2. Mehmet

    Hi, I have a dc input source between 5v and 30v. Can I convert 9v with this circuit?

    1. gevv Contributor


      You cannot use this circuit you can use XL6019 Buck-Boost Converter module

      Good work


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