H-Bridge DC motor driver circuit with IR2101

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H-Bridge DC motor driver circuit with IR2101

Hi friends, DC motor control I’m doing a study on. As part of this study, a DC motor H-Bridge I need to drive.

Bread on the board, IR2101 an H Bridge consisting of MOSFETs IRFZ44N and I built it. But the mosfet heatsink on the MOSFETs a 3-4 because it is not burned. interruption also on the Board. So I said I’ll make a card. good was in it. :) Or quite a few with the MOSFET I was getting bored. As I said, I used the ir2101 MOSFET driver. Hin and Lin channels can be controlled independently. As a IRFZ44N Mosfet.

IR2101 motor driver circuit diagram


I’ve thought of the system as a 24V supply, but you can 30V. Ir2101 come through the supply of 7812 regulator is provided. This regulator max. be careful not to exceed the input voltage. You can run safely in 24V. I do not come more than 30V feed. I drew the PCB Program Proteus.

IR2101 motor driver PCB



Cooler shoved it from the motherboard of a computer. I’ve used a fan or something because it was on him directly. More precisely, Yi is the PCB made you cooler. There is a space between MOSFETs in the vicinity of 1.5 mm. You may not find the same cooler. It’s not very important. You can connect any coolers that will fit in there.

H-Bridge motor driver project files:

FILE DOWNLOAD LINK LIST (in TXT format): LINKS-25466.zip


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  2. Elektronisch Projekte

    H-Brücke DC-motor-Treiber-Schaltung mit IR2101

    Hallo Freunde, DC-motor Steuern, ich mache ein Studium auf. Als Teil dieser Studie, ist ein DC-motor an H-Brücke, die ich fahren muss.

    Brot auf dem Brett, IR2101 eine H-Brücke aus MOSFETs (IRFZ44N und ich ihn aufgebaut habe. Aber der mosfet-Kühlkörper auf den MOSFETs eine 3-4, weil es nicht verbrannt wird. Unterbrechung auch auf der platine. Also sagte ich, ich mache eine Karte. gut war es. :) Oder ganz wenige mit dem MOSFET war ich gelangweilt. Wie ich schon sagte, benutzte ich die ir2101 MOSFET-Treiber. Hin-und Lin-Kanäle können unabhängig voneinander gesteuert werden. Als Mosfet IRFZ44N.

  3. milan

    Dear Sir
    As you mentioned above i want to purchase project can you provide me & How much let me know
    Please not that i want to use this as inverter if possible please let me know

    1. gevv Contributor

      It is a DIY (do-it-yourself) project, not for sale. All necessary files for production have been shared.

      Good work.


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