Author: Mucit23

I was born in Elazig in 1993. I am currently residing in Elazig. I completed my high school education in the Electrical and Electronics Department of the 100th Year Technical and Industrial Vocational High School. Although my main branch is High income systems, I am dealing with Electronics as a hobby. I design industrial control systems related to industrial electronics.

Encoder, angle measurement CCS C Pic16f628 sample application

Hi Friends, In this article I will mention the use of incremental enkoderlerin. These encoders with precisely how to angle measurement or position determination to do it. Market the Absolute (absolute) Encoders and İncremental (Incremental) Encoders, including two types of encoder. Absolute Encoders, they give different outputs for each position. This type of enkoderlerde Gray

P10 Led Panels with microcontroller Control P10 CCS C Library

Hello Friends. In this article I will give you information about the expulsion of LED Panels with microcontroller P10. P10 LED Panels over the last few years in fashion and the market is quite a safe place. Really almost everywhere, these panels can be made using large and small graphic screens. Normally, these panels, you

Stepper Motor Driver with PIC16F628A L297 L298 Circuit

Hello, friends. I have designed at the request of a teacher stepper motor driver circuit I want to share with you. System is going to start actually quite a few. But barely was able to finish due to the intensity of work. I made the drive has been designed as general. So it does not

USB Thermometer Circuit CCS C PIC18F4550

Hi All You Guys. How long have you been working on CCS C. CCS will be able to see my level, so it is no longer something to do after arrival. In this article, I made a small application on the USB communication pic18f4550. I really wanted to deal with the USB. A little uğraştırsada

4th Floor Elevator Control Circuit PIC16F877

Hello Friends . In high school I have done an elevator control circuit I want to share with you . I’ve designed a 4-story elevator . What floor is the elevator on each floor, a display showing that , Recall button , and the LED are busy . Likewise in the display in the cabin

8 Channel 24 Amp Triac Animation Circuit PIC16F628

Hello Friends For a long time I did not do my share. I looked at my little library amusement park six months ago I prepared for bi TRIAC 8 Channel 24 saw the animated card. Obviously things I’d forgotten due. After getting a bit of project files I thought I’d share with you. Card design

10A Motor Control Circuit PIC12F683 PWM

Hello Friends. I have done this summer, an engine control circuit I would like to share with you. While the maxima in the load circuit attracting a stream of about 10 to 12V DC vicinity of a fan I’ve done to the engine speed setting. Circuit works very well. I use my motor 12V at

PWM Motor Control Circuit HPWM PIC16F876 Frequency Modulated

Hello friends. Recent studies have adjustable frequency PWM motor control circuit that I want to share with you. Circuit is designed using pic16f876 and HPWM hardware. I used IRF540N MOSFETs in the payload. Mosfet Mosfet driver I used to drive the TLP250. With mCi TLP250 to the payload portion is fully insulated with chassis. The

PIC16f628 DS18B20 Adjustable thermometer circuit

Hello friends. A friend of mine and I want to share with you what I did to set the thermostat circuit. As I used the circuit temperature sensor Ds18B20. 3-digit, 7 shows the screen with dijit. Please note that the range of 0 to 99.9. When the relay circuit arranged to set value is designed